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PCB Design

Our PCB Design environment uses best in industry tools like Cadence for design capture, PCB layout and design analysis.We are customer centric and deliver high quality multi-layer high-speed PCB designs, taking into consideration of real-world manufacturing and test requirements. Our PCB design services includes:

Embedded Design

Embedded Systems is an advanced technology with the combination of software and hardware. Which used in various domains like Telecom, Mobile technology, Industrial, Medical, Automation, Automotive systems, Home Automation, Airplanes, Military, Vending machines and Toys etc. Using Embedded Systems, various system can be developed like Smartphone, Pedometers, Infusion pumps, Infotainment system, Electronic gadgets, TV, Fridge, AC etc. Embedded Systems has various opportunities like Product Designing, Product Development, Software, Hardware, PCB design, Firmware, RTOS development, Testing so and so.


Our objective is for students to know how the tools themselves work, at the level of their fundamental algorithms and data structures. You should be taking this training if you are interested in building VLSI design tools, you are interested in designing VLSI chips, and you want to know why the tools do what they do, you just like cool algorithms.The corporate trainings are designed to enable working professionals on specific tools, techniques and methodologies related to embedded systems and VLSI technologies across Xilinx.

LED Lighting

The world of lighting is constantly evolving and energy efficient LED lighting is transforming the marketplace. For professionals in the lighting it is vital to continuously acquire knowledge. Not only to stay up to date, but also to get recognized in the industry for expertise and to feel confident in discussions when advising about lighting. We provide certified course in LED lighting and manufacturing technology..

Basics of Electronics

The study of basic electronics technology teaches students how to diagnose, repair, design and create electronics components. Through classroom study and hands-on experience, students prepare for work with lasers, fiber optics, and robotics and computer technology.


As technology has progressed, the accessibility of robotics to the layperson has also improved. Twenty years ago, robotics kits for kids were limited to simple structures and motors. Now they are sophisticated enough to employ a multitude of sensors and motors as well as interface with a desktop computer to allow for robust programming experiences, all at a cost that makes them accessible to the classroom.

Web Development

Web presence is the basic showcase tool for any business or individual. We will teach you how to develop full-stack responsive websites hassle-free with live interactive coding sessions and mini-projects. You can become a pro in developing good looking websites.

App Development

More than websites which are for desktop users, apps have become a part of our daily lives. Apps make our lives easier and efficient. Learn to create your own apps with the help of this course. After this course, you will be able to create your own apps and become a master.

Progressive Web Apps

The trend of PWAs are being rapidly implemented across the globe due to its efficient performance and its special feature of not needed to be installed in our phone. Learn how to make a PWA and work with service workers and many more concepts.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool which not only has cells but various advanced functions such as Pivot tables, Macros and many more. Master Excel to excel and be valued in the corporate world.

Microsoft Access

Databases play a vital role in the corporate world as well as in our day to day life. Learn to master the art of manipulating data and build the skill on working with forms, tables, queries and reports.


Our hardware and networking course include basic to advanced level and our computer networking course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in chennai as quickly as once you complete the networking LAN, WAN training course.

Cloud computing

Learn when and how to apply signal integrity techniques to high-speed interfaces. This comprehensive course combines design techniques and methodology with relevant background concepts of high-speed bus and clock design, including transmission line termination, loading, and jitter. You will work with IBIS models and complete simulations using Mentor Graphics HyperLynx. Other topics include managing PCB effects and on-chip termination. This course balances lecture modules with instructor demonstrations and practical hands-on labs.

Internet of Things

The growth of Internet is unimaginably growing day-by-day. The internet for devices is the future and the concept of IOT will be ruling the world in the near future. We will walk you through the step by step process of the concept and we will build real world projects to obtain the best out of this technological advancement. Master the interaction between devices and the process behind it.