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Evansys Technologies is founded in 2008 by few like- minded people; it is engaged in the development of various technologies in the core domain. We are providing training in the following domain: Embedded System, Advanced Robotics, Digital Electronics, Printed Circuit Board, Solar energy resources, VLSI Design and Internet Of Things..

We are taking one step ahead in solar energy resources due to demand of electricity in the Eco-system. The demand can be overcome by creating awareness and establishing it into various sectors..

Solar energy:

Solar energy is origin for all form of energy. The generation of electricity through the Photovoltaic route which converts solar energy in to electricity that can be used for a multiple purposes such as lighting, pumping and generation of electricity. By its pollution free nature, virtually inexhaustible supply and global distribution..

Why Solar?

Solar Energy can be utilized for varied applications. The energy can be sought from two different aspects: utilizing solar energy for grid-interactive and off-grid Power generation. Grid interactive solar energy is derived from photovoltaic cells and CSP plants on a large scale. So Abundance of free solar energy throughout all parts of world can be utilized almost everywhere. The areas with easier grid access are utilizing grid connectivity, the places where utilizing power is insufficient, have no choice but to opt for their own generation. They generate power from a diverse range of small scale generator and locally available renewable energy technologies with or without its own storage. .


Electricity losses in India during transmission and distribution have been extremely high over the years and this reached a worst proportion of about 24.7% during 2010-11. Due to shortage of electricity, power cuts are common throughout India and this has adversely affected the country’s economic growth. To overthrown the shortages of electricity pollution free renewable resources can be utilized. India being a tropical country receives adequate solar radiation for 300 days, amounting to 3,000 hours of sunshine equivalent to over 5,000 trillion kWh. Almost all the regions receive 4-7 kWh of solar radiation per sq meters with about 2,300–3,200 sunshine hours/year, depending upon the location. .

  • Assistance in selection of skilled man power.
  • Technical support in implementing standard test procedures for quality and efficiency.
  • Operational support and maintenance services.
    • Helps to stop global warming.
    • Saves society billions or trillions of currency.
    • Provides energy reliability.
    • To assist energy security.
    • Saves the Environment.
    • Provides energy Independence.
    • OUR MOTTO:

      “Pollution Free Eco-System”