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PCB Design

Now we are extending our services in Hardware sector as one- stop solution fabrication of high reliability printed circuit boards up to 4 layers. Because we live in a technology-driven time, you likely aren't surprised to hear that you use dozens of circuit boards every day. But have you ever stopped to consider how many printed circuit boards you actually interact with.

Our aim is to provide a wide range of manufacturing solutions that meet the industry standards, we are offering the very best service at competitive price, with our resources, we have what it takes to meet your project needs from concept to production and also be your complete electronic engineering partner no matter how large or small project is.

PCB designs we provide

  1. Single-sided PCB - Although the single sided PCB is the most basic and starting point of printed circuit technology and indeed, the start point of inventions still plays a major role in the industry. The PCB was invented to give a good mechanical base for components and by using printing to produce the tracks allowed repeatability of interconnections in volume. In Through Hole device technology, it does have its limitations in interconnecting large numbers of components as all the tracks are one side but it is a cheap way of gaining all the above benefits on more simple circuits.
  2. Double-sided PCB - The double sided PCB is the universal workhouse of the electronic industry with increasing complexity and density of components many PCBs need to use both sides of the printed circuit board. This is more usually supplemented with through hole, where the connections go right through the connecting holes to the opposite side of the board. These through hole connections either form simple electrical connections between both sides of the PCB (via hole), or electrical connectivity and mechanical support for leaded components. This makes the double sided PCB a much more physical robust item.
  3. Multilayer PCB - Multilayer PCBs expand on the technology used in double-sided boards. They have several layers of substrate boards and insulating materials separate the individual layers. As with double-sided boards, components to each other through holes, or vias, in the board. The multilayer design saves even more space than a double-sided design. Typical multilayer boards have 4,6,8 or 10 layers, but they can have more, depending on the demands of the products the board is intended for.

PCB design services

We can advise on types of solutions, which might best suit your requirements in terms of technology used and component considerations.

Using a range of state of the art PCB design software, Evansys can create your schematic to your own specifications and needs.

Our comprehensive design software allows us to manage your project and produce Gerber files, Assembly drawings, Bill of materials, SMD/TH placement data.

We offer all designs inclusive of prototype build to ensure the validity of the design and customer satisfaction. On full sign off a product we supply
◘ Schematic designs
◘ PCB Gerber file
◘ Component placement data
◘ Itemized Bill of materials

We also focus on Reverse engineering obsolete printed circuit boards. Many are finding their mature PCB designs are peppered with a dwindling supply of obsolete components and or they are paying for additional labor to install inefficient thru-hole components. These challenges will often lead to compromised schedules and strained margins.
We will review the items required to make the process of redesigning a customer's antiquated or obsolete printed circuit board into contemporary and cost effective product.